Friday, March 30, 2012

On the Subject of Travelling

Jump drive – Essentially a self contained hyperspace insertion device and commonly detailed in standard Traveller use.

Jumpgate – A stand alone hyperspace insertion device capable of opening an artificial hyperspace conduit. Such a device is commonly built in a ring-like configuration and serves to permit normally non jump capable vessels to transverse interstellar distances. A Controller Station, usually integrated into the ring construct, is required to broadcast and monitor beacon settings and regulate the flow of traffic through the Jumpgate; as they are typically programmed for one type of jump to specific coordinates designated to another Jumpgate. Travel time is as per standard jump.

Jumpgates are built in systems with no less than a Class A Starport and at least one Large Gas Giant, which serves as a source of fuel. Particularly large or even traffic heavy star systems might use smaller micro-jump versions to hasten travel between planetary systems.

These technologies are to be considered no less than Tech Level F and are most commonly found in Known Space in the employ of the Altairan Collective and Solomani Trade Union (who purchased the technology from the former.)

Stargate – A naturally(?) occurring hyperspace conduit that performs similarly to a Jumpgate, but suffers no restriction of distance traveled or fuel consumption (It is quite possible to find a Jump-12 Stargate, for example.)

Stargates are rare, but several have been documented to exist among the worlds of the Orion Colonies. Interestingly, there are also numerous ruins of Elder Races present in this region of space as well.

Wormhole – A naturally occurring bridge in space-time that serves as a tunnel through real space from one point to another. Travel time is greatly reduced (typically, what takes days are as hours,) and distances traveled vary greatly; sometimes with more than one possible destination.

There is one known wormhole to exist in Known Space, located within the Ember system of the Old Earth Alliance. The wormhole is orbited by a Brown Dwarf Star which is designated the primary star of the system. The Alliance military, through the commandeered Ringworld designated Bifrost Station, strictly controls access to the wormhole, as one of its known destinations leads to and from the aggressive Sword Worlds, several sub-sectors away. While the Sword Worlds was colonized by humans of Earth a millennium ago and trade is mutually desirable by both star spanning empires, ruthless Star Viking privateers of the Sword World Territories prey upon any hapless vessels making the journey through the Ember Wormhole. Though it seems preposterous, it is rumored their base exists within the Wormhole itself.

Warp drive – A theoretical device that creates an artificial "bubble" of normal space-time that surrounds the vessel and permits it to travel at faster-than-light speeds in real space. No known empire uses this technology for travel, however derelict spacecraft dating back to the time of the Elder Races seem to be built around this concept.

Spacefolding – Only one example of this form of travel is known, that used by the Padishah Imperium through their exclusive employment of the mysterious Spacing Guild. Distances traveled vary, but the travel time is negligible.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adventurer Addition

As I will be incorporating a slightly modified version of Adventurer into my Known Space Traveller Universe, it may become useful that the following sheet be provided.

Adventurer shall be modified as such: There will be no need for the combat section, as standard Traveller rules will suffice; supplemented by Snapshot rules when necessary. Furthermore, the vehicle construction rules also conform to Traveller rules or Journal articles (if even necessary.)
Also, the usage of Reputation is being dropped, as the effects of this statistic can easily be monitored and adjusted by the referee and communicated to the player on a need to know basis in game.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Mángdiǎn

Jumpspace in the Known Space Campaign operates very similarly to standard Traveller boundaries in that no matter how advanced a Jump Drive may be, travel time is still seven days in Jumpspace. However, Niven's Effect is a perceptional phenomenon where an observer cannot view Jumpspace. The physics breaking realm of Jumpspace cannot be comprehended by any known sophant, and as such appears as a 'Blind Spot' in whatever direction the observer looks in Jumpspace. Niven's Effect has been known to cause severe breakdowns in mental health and for this reason, all shutters and viewports are routinely locked/shut off as part of the Jump Sequence before entering Jumpspace.

In the days before Niven's Effect was understood, many travellers succumbed to 'space madness,' (giving considerable validity to the horrific tales creeping from Reaverspace.) but a scant handful of explorers would not go mad after exposure to the reality bending experience. Some indeed found solace in the nothing before them as it helped them reach transcendental and meditative states of consciousness. Today, we call them the Mángdiǎn.

The Mángdiǎn are best described as a pseudo-religious sect of star traveling philosophers; pilots and adventurers seeking the secrets of existence. Regarded as both mad monks and wizened mystics, these astronauts would override navigational computer safety protocols to peer into 'The Blank' in search of Nirvana in private sessions during sojourns between the stars.

Curiously, there seems to be a large percentage of Mángdiǎn that discreetly exhibit psionic abilities. Whether this is due to their exposure to Jumpspace, their rigorous meditative practices, or an ability that somehow protects them from the edge of sanity is not known.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Structure of Known Space

This Campaign-World/Universe consists of a single four sector Domain known simply as Known Space. Spinward and Coreward lies The Spinward Marches and Padishah Sector. Directly Spinward of our home sector of Sol is the dangerous and sparsely explored Reaver's Deep Sector.

Goverments of note are The Old Earth Alliance, Solomani Trade Union, Padishah Imperium, Aslan Heirate Colonies, Vargrworlds, Zhodani Consulate, Fiefdoms of The Two-Thousand Worlds, The Vegan District, the Altairan Collective, The Darrian Federation, The Sword Worlds Confederation, The Scarran Empire, The Federated Worlds of The Hive, The Hynerian Dominion, The Orion Colonies, The RImworlds, and the Kzinti Hegemony.

Notable regions of space are Reaverspace, The Uncharted Territories, The Vegan Wall, The Solomani Sargasso, The Altairan Leap, Huttspace, The Neutral Zone, The Wyn Nebula, and The Lost Republic of the Whills.

Several generations ago saw The Fall (of Man), a socioeconomic and technological collapse that spanned hundreds of worlds. In the shadow of this disaster has sprung up opportunistic pocket empires and shaken governments attempting to reclaim lost glory. Currently, the average Tech Level throughout Known Space is considered to be between 10(A) and 11 (B), but wild differences among neighboring worlds and curious anomalies in advancement are known to exist. Typically, Jump-2 is the standard in travel and communication, however common Military Vessels are known to use Jump-3 and Padishah Imperium Vessels are known to transverse space well beyond these limits through closely guarded Spacing Guild Secrets.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Panstellar MP22C Starship Service Droid

520PE-N4-MP22C-NFC6(G)   20/50 (Mesh)    Mcr 1.505 (Cr 3136/month)

217kg/478lbs.    91kg TL15 Battery: duration of 14 days.    Anti Grav Thrust: 400kg (1.84g)

  • 2 visual sensors (Active Infared and Light Intensifying, 1 each)
  • Audio Sensor
  • Voder (with Language package x3)
  • Radio (500km range)
  • Mass Sensor
  • Omnidirectional spotlight

3 Light Arms (retractable):
  • Grasping Hand
  • Electronics Toolkit Package; magnetic and radiation sensors, power interface.
  • Light Welder (5m range Laser Carbine)

1 Medium Arm (retractable):
  • Mechanical Tool Package; Neutrino Sensor, 25 ft tether line with magnetic grapple.

  • Engineering-3, 
  • Navigation-2, Electronics-2,Mechanical-2, Gravatics-2, 
  • Ship's Boat-1, Grav vehicles-1, Rescue-1, Security-1, Close Combat-1, Welder/Laser Carbine-1, 
  • Emotion Simulation.

 The MP22C is the droid of choice when looking to fill holes in your crew manifest, and now with the low monthly price of a mere CR3100 per month, it's the affordable choice as well.

Contact: The Altairan Collective

Before the Fall of Man, the Collective was a Blusunn Megacorporate sponsored agenda to terraform the Altairan region of space for human colonization and habitation. To this end, 2000 employees were genetically modified to maintain the various A.I. Machines in place upon hostile worlds that would guide the process of change. With the lack of communication and guidance during the Fall, the Collective took on new directives more guided toward their survival. Guided by experimental A.I. formulated gene mapping, further genetic manipulations were performed upon the surviving populace and these results were carefully cloned and refined into a strictly controlled breeding program that would ensure a genetically diversified population.

The results were a hardy (+1 STR, +2 END) species capable of thriving in methane tainted as well as human baseline environments. Their brains had been reconfigured with nanite technology to communicate over large distances via radio waves, and as a by product, also enjoy a heightened artificial group intelligence on a semi-subconscious level. This group intelligence manifests itself as an intuition or awareness not unlike the psionic ability.

The Altairans revere technology, specifically their A.I. God, without whom, they would not exist. Their religion is one of mathematics and logic, of oneness and unity and it is said their clerics of this faith can indeed perform miracles. Skeptics among Old Earth Alliance researchers insist that their abilities are nothing more than programmed nanite machinations, however this, in and of itself, is remarkable and well beyond the technological norm of known space.

The Collective is regarded by Earth Alliance as a hostile or dangerous species, by virtue of the wide spread dominance of Artificial Intelligence in their culture. Though skirmishes between the two powers is common, neither side is yet committed to outright warfare. The Solomani Trade Union, however sees vast profits in forming an allegiance with the collective, if for no other reason as to gain one more ally against the so called “Tyranny of Old Earth.”